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Jokowi must strengthen Indonesia’s forest moratorium, not just extend it: activists

Less than a month before the expiry of a moratorium on new licenses for land-based exploitation in primary forests and on peat, environmentalists are calling for the Indonesian president to not only prolong the policy but strengthen it too, hampered as they say it has been by chaotic implementation, weak enforcement, standards that don’t go far enough and, some suggest, a lack of political will to see it through. News


Fracas over Costa Rican shark-fin exports leads American Airlines to stop shipping fins

Several shipments of hammerhead shark fins exported from Costa Rica touched on U.S. soil in violation of American law last fall and winter, and at least two were approved by the Costa Rican government in violation of an international treaty, conservation groups allege. Public outcry over the shipments prompted American Airlines to announce this month that it had ceased shipping shark fins, and prompted the Costa Rican government to cease permitting hammerhead fin exports for the time being. News


Ocean contributes $2.5 trillion to economy annually

A new study attempts to place a value of goods and services afforded by the ocean, estimating that if the planet's seas were classified as a country, it would rank as the world's seventh largest economy. News


Conservation in Myanmar: a cause for optimism?

Fifty years of relative political and economic isolation have yielded slow economic growth and contributed to the conservation of many of Myanmar’s native species. However, the dissolution of Myanmar’s military junta in 2011 marked the beginning of a new age of increasing political and economic liberalization and international engagement. Many experts fear that possible rapid development fueled by international investment, improved infrastructure and expanded transport networks, pose a grave risk to Myanmar’s biodiversity and forests. News


Thailand, Indonesia join forces against illegal fishing amid EU ultimatum

Amid EU threats to blacklist Thai seafood if the industry fails to clean up its act by October, the Southeast Asian country and its neighbor Indonesia agreed on Thursday to form a joint task force to combat illegal fishing, which remains in the spotlight in the wake of an Associated Press investigation into slavery aboard Thai-run ships in Indonesian waters. News


Officials: Sumatran rhino is extinct in the wild in Sabah

There are no Sumatran rhinos left in the wild in the Malaysian state of Sabah, confirmed Masidi Manjun, the Tourism, Culture and Envi­ronment Minister, over the weekend. In 2008, conservationists estimated there were around 50 rhinos in the state. Five years later, it dropped that estimate to just ten. Now, it's admitted the awful truth: the wild rhino is very likely gone. News