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Picture of Irish sea monster surfaces in London image archive

BBC News reports on the discovery of an article from \"The Day\'s Doings\" published 21 October 1871, on the sighting of a large creature along the western shore of Ireland.


Bigfoot sighting North Carolina: WATCH fabled Bigfoot get scared off by tiny dog

The Examiner has posted a video of a creature being scared off by a small dog.


A Creature on the Loose Puts Milwaukee Residents on Edge

The New York Times reports that Milwaukee residents have reported a large creature slinking through its neighborhoods.


Cryptozoology website redesign

Yes I\'m finally going to have time to redo this website and bring it up to modern standards. I\'m leaving my regular job, and moving to a contract basis. And one of the contracts I\'m giving myself is a redesign of Sorry it took so long, but I\'ve been incredibly busy the past couple years.


Conservation win in Madagascar: 7 new reserves established

Good news on the environmental front in Madagascar has been rare and fleeting in recent years, but today the Indian Ocean island's Prime Minister gave conservationists a bit of hope by officially decreeing seven new reserves that target critical habitats for endangered lemurs, chameleons, and frogs. News


Former Cranbourne South man on the hunt for Tasmanian tiger on the mainland

Australia\'s Leader talks with Michael Moss, thylacine hunter, who was recently interviewed for a documentary that is being made about the thylacine.