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Stunning high-resolution map reveals secrets of Peru’s forests

Peru’s landmass has just been mapped like never before, revealing important insights about the country's forests that could help it unlock the value healthy and productive ecosystems afford humanity. News


87 new bird species considered threatened with extinction

Scientists have added 361 new bird species to the IUCN Red List following a major taxonomic review of non-passerine birds, i.e. non-perching or non-songbirds. Worryingly, 87 of these new birds are threatened with extinction, a percentage nearly double the overall threatened percentage for all birds, which currently sits at 13 percent. News


Peruvian oil spill sparks concern in indigenous rainforest community

A ruptured pipeline that spilled tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil into the Marañón River in late June is fueling concerns about potential health impacts for a small indigenous community. News


Deforestation ramping up in Yasuni as Ecuador sets to open up national park to drilling

Yasuni National park has been in the conservation spotlight in recent years, with oil drilling threatening the forests and wildlife of this biodiversity hotspot. Recently, disturbance in the park may have ramped up, with satellite data showing a significant increase in deforestation alerts within Yasuni National Park since 2011. News


Don’t eat or touch fruit bat bushmeat amid worsening Ebola outbreak, UN warns

The world's worst Ebola outbreak was likely begun by a hunter shooting a fruit bat for their dinner or the market, according to the UN. The outbreak has killed over 660 people in six months to date, and recently spread via plane to Nigeria. The disease is particularly deadly with a mortality rate of around 90 percent. News


Men say they have evidence of Bigfoot in the Bluegrass

Kentucky\'s WNCN reports on the evidence of existence of bigfoot that the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group has gathered.