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Mysterious Roadkill — 'Chupacabra' Found in Minnesota?

Mysterious Roadkill -- 'Chupacabra' Found in Minnesota?
Minnesota state officials are baffled by a mysterious carcass found on a county road, prompting further investigation -- leading to speculation that it may be a boar, an ox, or even a chupacabra. The hairless white creature was discovered with five ...
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Chupacabra Sighting: Mysterious Minnesota Roadkill Prompts Alarm
The creepy-looking all white creature with five claws on its front paws, long toenails and dark tufts of hair on its back has prompted speculation that Minnesota is home to the legendary chupacabra, KSAX-TV reports. Lacey Ilse was driving close to her ...
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Was a chupacabra discovered in Minnesota?
Reports of a chupacabra being discovered in Minnesota are getting a lot of attention on the Internet Wednesday. Images of road kill spotted on County Road 86, near Alexandria, show a white mammal with long claws, according to a ...
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