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Animal picture of the day: moth as work of art

This hypnotic moth was photographed on a beach in Cancun. News


Peru passes landmark indigenous rights legislation

A new administration in Peru is moving toward granting indigenous people long-sought legal rights, reports Survival International. Yesterday, the Peruvian congress approved new legislation that gives indigenous people free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) for any project on their land. If signed into law and enforced, the legislation would provide indigenous groups considerable clout in keeping industry off their lands if they choose. News


What do you think of my Anime idea?

Question by Roshack Buenavitsi: What do you think of my Anime idea?
The Assassin's Mark

There are creatures known as Anure that cannot be seen by common people.These are the supposed "mythical creatures" like dragons and nymphs.The last remaining family that are able to see these creatures hunt them down because of fear that they may destroy cities and countless of lives.With the expansion of human kind,the Anure are losing they're habitats and some have been confirmed to attack humans.So to prevent it the Sambaku family gives every family decedent of the ancestral blood the gift and skills of that are passed down into the inheritor of the Raiki, a legendary sword wielded by the Sambaku family for generations,to hunt down the Anure.Within the skills that the family has,the power to create an Abis or "parallel universe." ,even do time literally stops within the Abis,the caster's and the Anure's body still ages normally.There is also the pentagon skills known as "elemental magic".Each side of the pentagon represents the different elements that are Earth,Water,Fire,Air, and the long lost element that was now considered only myth "Time".Most Anure have an element attached to them making them powerful beings.Some of the Anure are gentle beings and others dangerous hunters.The Element "Time" or as it is called by the Sambaku family "Norden",as said earlier,it is only a myth now and no known Anure are seen with it.The last recorded one "supposedly" was 2 millenia(millennium 1000 years) ago.A dragon rider of the Sambaku family,created Raiki and gave foundation and territories to the Anure,rode a Norden Dragon that was said to be so smart and powerful that it could speak any language known and even transform into human and even destroy states with one breath.Also it was said that it was the last Norden Dragon to live and it never died but took refuge amongst nature never to be seen.As time grew the present-day countries needed more land and more homes that lead them to expand into Anure territory,wiping out most of the habitats.Within the tradition of the Sambaku members,the inheritor must first kill an Anure and bring back its life through a blood and rez or known as "resurrection"(rez oath is done by kissing the creature so the two beings can "be as one" which will then share strength,skill,will, and even emotions.The blood oath is done by carving runes onto ones flesh to remain permanent and swear loyalty to the sacred mark) oaths as a familiar that will not only fight but aid,venture,and stay with the master for the rest of his/her life.The familiar is reborn and goes to masters current age to "be as one".It is mandatory for the family members to go through this or they will be shut out of the family all together and lose memory of that family.The Sambaku family leave in remote areas for as not to disturb the quiet lives of common people.

The story revolves around a present-day boy named Hirano Sambaku,age 16,that is the most "kind hearted,weak,and noble" person of the family.He is too kind hearted to kill any creature even tiny and defenseless it may be so he spends 5-months in isolation improving his survival and cooking skills among the woods and Anure.During his time there he finds another way to ease the Anure from destroying something by Knocking them out and perform a Soul Rest spell.The day before his birthday,determined to finish the familiar ceremony and make a creature a familiar,he sets out to kill an Anure.To weak hearted to kill one he spends all his time helping them instead of doing his task.Almost near night,he stumbles upon a "Norden Dragon".Yet,Hirano doesn't know that but just thinks its a wind dragon because the similarities are extremely the same.He then tells himself he'd go back to his family as an honor to them if he got this one so he summoned all his courage and killed the ancient creature while it slumbered.He cried onto its lifeless body for his heart ached but he knew if he got the body back in time to the shrine it will revive into his familiar.He got to the shrine at night just with enough time to complete the ceremony.After making his blood oath, he took the Rez oath only to have the newly born Norden Dragon transform into human shape of a girl in the middle of it.Since the dragon carried no clothes,the girl was naked and made Hirano embarrassed.Hirano looks away only notice that his senses were increasing by ten fold.The power was too much for him,he was able to resist the magical awakening but as he did he took consideration of the girl and he saw that she had passed out from such an overload of will.Glad that it was night time,he knew no one was awake to see him carry her into his room.

The tale ends here but I'll be sure to add the exiting fighting and romantic kiss scenes if its good enough.Heck I'm even thinking of adding another few girls to the edition because
Aw shucks thanks guys.That part of using all that and drawing and stuff.I'd leave that to an expert im just throwing my ideas up there.Meaning I have no COPYRIGHT over this so anyone can use it as you please!!

Since I'm really smart and got alot of time in school I like to make up stories.I was thinking if someone liked it then I might get someone I know to help me out
Aw my additions were cut off.I was planning to make the guy go to High School at a normal city because he was given the mission as the inheritor of the Raiki to protect it.During his stay he is the most anti-social person in the school because The time dragon is extremely popular(because I decided to make her beautiful) but she only spends time with him because of course,he is her master.I am also planning to add a new guy that will make friends with him and a lot of new female friends to get jealousy started up into the dragon.To weak hearted to tell them to go away because he has an important mission,he gets to know and like all of them but I made his heart choose only one,and thats the Norden Dragon cuz she came out in the story first >.<

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Answer by Matt
HECK YES! you have a gift. use it.

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Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon up moderately over last year

Deforestation in the Amazon jumped sharply in some Brazilian states since last year, according to data released in recent weeks by Imazon, a Brazilian NGO that tracks deforestation. Overall deforestation rose 15 percent to 1,532 km2 in the August 2010 through June 2011 period relative to the same months a year earlier, reports Imazon. News


Thylacine Nightmares

This is a video I decided to make,with the Marilyn Manson version of Sweet Dream-and was one of the most difficult Videos to put together,it took almost a week to put together,but i do like how it turned out and was worth the time and effort.Once again just another thylacine video with pictures,and this song went along well with the theme of thylacines.


Dover Demon Productions {ask me why i chose dover demon, c’mon; I dare you}

;) mynewprosign this is what i do when im bored. ;P how sad. who wants a pro sign? quick u only got 9 days to request me for one!